Recap of the November 18th meeting of Columbia Rotary Club

President Hal called the meeting to order and led the Club in the reciting of the 4-Way Test.  Rick Noble offered the Invocation that was a special poem written by former Club President Charlie Sloan, now deceased.

Rusty DePass welcomed visiting Rotarians and recognized Rotarians with guest.  Rusty adorned himself in, what he believed to be amusing, a beauty queen crown and sash for his presentation.

Bob Crutchfield gave the Health and Happiness report for the day.  Ken Childs has had heart surgery and is doing well.  Stave Hamm is back after suffering a stroke.  Jeremy Mosley and wife have a new baby boy.  Carl Robert’s son, a Clemson student, has been awarded a $10,000 prestigious scholarship.

Becky Airheart introduced the guest speakers for the program:  District Governor, Bernie Reidel and former District Governor, Rick Moore.  Governor Reidel expressed appreciation for the opportunity to speak to the largest club in District 7770.  He explained that his presentation is called Foundation 101 because there is so much misunderstanding about the Foundation.  The Charter date for the Foundation is 1916 with the mission of “To Do Good in the World.”  Governor Reidel gave a slide presentation showing the history of the Foundation and the following years of the Foundation’s services.  In 1957 the Rotary Foundation began a memorial to Rotary founder, Paul Harris, with the beginning of the Paul Harris Fellow.

Governor Reidel also presented the accomplishment of the Columbia Rotary Club that includes Every Member Every Year, 100% Sustaining Member, and Polio Plus.  He challenged the Club “to do better” to reach the remaining District and International Goals.

Past District Governor, Rick Moore, gave additional information on other means of giving:  Major Donor, Benefactor, Arch Klumph Society, and Annual Fund.  Rick explained how each of these could be accomplished and encouraged Rotarians to participate in one or more.

President Hal thanked Rotarians Bernie and Rick for their presentation and encouraged Columbia Rotarians to engage in the activities of The Rotary Foundation.

A message from Spring Valley Rotarian, Ken Morris, regarding Holiday Pecan Sales

I will be at your club meeting Monday, December 16, to ask you to support Spring Valley Rotary Club’s annual fund raiser as you have in past years.

Please click here to download the order form describing the most delicious pecans in a variety of flavors. These products are the same as those offered last year, and even the prices are the same. They are available now through December 18. When I come to your meeting I will bring a display of our products to sell or to take your order for later delivery.

The purpose of our effort is, of course, to raise funds to support our many charities. Last year our sales netted over $43,000 thanks to you and to many individuals, groups and organizations. Our charities will benefit even more this year if you would share the brochure with groups you are associated with, or let me know whom I should contact. You may, of course, email your order to me at  As you know, these products are great holiday gifts for employees and customers.

Thanks for helping us again!

Ken Morris


Don’t forget @ColaRotary will be meeting for a special program today, November 25th, at Seawell’s.  Scott Slatton with the Municipal Association of SC will be giving some in depth information about the Strong Mayor form of government and the impact on the community.  Lunch should be ready around 12:15 and the meeting will begin at 1PM.  Please join us today and bring a guest!

Upcoming Programs


Feb 10: Nationalization Ceremony. Club will witness first hand legal immigrants being sworn in as United States Citizens


Feb 17: President’s day no meeting


Feb 24: Dr. Clayton Schmidt-Lutheran Seminary


Mar 3rd: Happ Lathrop-South Carolina Golf Association




Mar 10th: Terry Brown-CEO Edens and Avant


Mar 17th: Colonel Manning-Squadron Commander McEntire Air Base


Mar 24th: Scott Middleton-CEO Agape (meeting at 1600 Main St. Agape Headquaters)


Mar 31st: Henry McMaster-Strengths and Weaknesses of South Carolina

Nov 25th Optional Meeting


As I stated at our meeting this past Monday, we have not traditionally held a meeting on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Due to the interest among our members in the upcoming vote on the City of Columbia form of government, however, we have decided to have an unofficial meeting with a special program from Scott Slatton of the Municipal Association of SC, who is very knowledgeable on Municipal Forms of Government.  Thanks to Rotarian Henri Baskins of the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council for securing Mr. Slatton’s attendance.




Scott is the Legislative and Public Policy Advocate at the Municipal Association of South Carolina.  His role on the legislative team focuses on researching, analyzing and reporting on long-range municipal legislative proposals and building relationships and strategies for implementing these proposals. His career includes experience as a political writer on Capitol Hill, work as a human resource and information technology director, as a town manager in North Carolina and as a city manager in South Carolina. Scott received a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Winthrop University and a master’s degree in public administration from George Mason University




What is an unofficial meeting, you ask? Well, there will be no sergeant-at-arms, no health and happiness, nor other club business to be done. We will keep attendance (you will get credit for a makeup) and Seawell’s will have a buffet set up for us. We will meet from 1-2pm and the buffet should be available by 12:15pm. Please be prepared to pay at the door the normal luncheon fee of $13.




I encourage you to bring guests. Our goal is to have an informed club and community. The plan is for Mr. Slaton to speak for approximately 30 minutes with the remainder of the time dealing with questions. Henri has agreed to take questions by email prior to the meeting to make sure your issue is covered. Her email is She and her staff will also conduct an anonymous straw poll at the end of the meeting on your preferred form of government.




Please let me know if you plan to attend and if you plan to bring guests. I need to give Seawell’s an approximate number by Friday.




Yours in Service,




Hal Stevenson


Join the Paul Harris Society

Calling all District 7770 Rotarians! David Tirard, our District Foundation Chair, is raring to take your contributions for the Paul Harris Society.

Paul Harris Society members commit to give $1,000 per year to the Rotary Foundation, either by check, credit card, club billings or via TRF-Direct, Rotary’s convenient way to pay monthly via bank draft.

If you’d like to join the Paul Harris Society, simply download the form below and return to David Tirard at:

David Tirard, PHS Chair
1 Queen Crescent
Bluffton, SC 29910

Rotary_PAUL_HARRIS_SOCIETY_Application (1)

If you have questions about the Paul Harris Society, you may contact David at any of the contact information provided on the PHS form, or you may search for him in the District Database. (To protect the integrity of his inbox, we refrained from publishing his e-mail address here.)

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