Salvation Army Bell Ringing 2017

Here is a brief explanation for the logistics of the “shift” system. Each location should be manned from 10:00am-8:00pm.  The end time for Green’s is 7:00pm.   Typically, we do two hour shifts with two people per shift.  The red kettles are in the businesses and should be set up by the first shift and a driver from Salvation Army will collect the kettles at the end of the final shift.  Let’s all have fun and enjoy the fellowship while raising dollars for the Salvation Army!!!!

Below is a spreadsheet identifying the captains for each day and their contact email addresses. Contact the appropriate party for the times you are available. Thanks to all who have offered to help with this very worthwhile project. 

Download (XLSX, Unknown)

September 11th meeting cancelled due to Irma

Very heavy rains and strong wind gusts due to Irma are forcasted in Columbia during our meeting time tomorrow.  After consulting with some members of the Board, we have made the decision to CANCEL the September 11th meeting.  Additionally, I know many of you will be home with your children since school has been cancelled so attendance would be low.

Please make plans to join us NEXT Monday, September 18th, when we welcome Pamela Lackey, CEO of AT&T.  Guests are always welcomed and encouraged!

I hope everyone stays safe and please keep those in the path of this terrible storm in your thoughts and prayers.

CART FACTS – Tong Li | CART Fund 2017 Grant

Posted by Barbara Ivey, CART Operations VP on May 1, 2017

Research Project: Determining the contributions of age and neuroinflammation on the pathological conversion of Tau

The CART Fund will award Tong Li, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a 2017 research grant in the amount of $75,000. The grant will be awarded on May 9, 2017 at the Annual meeting of The CART Fund in Columbia, SC.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common form of dementia and a devastating illness for the elderly, is characterized by built-up of clumped proteins observed inside (called tau aggregates) and outside (called amyloid-beta (Aβ) plaques) of nerve cells that lead to memory problems and eventual loss of these cells. Past and current efforts have been focused on finding drugs that could treat either the amyloid or tau problem. Figuring out how these two types of clumped proteins worked together to cause nerve cells to die may hold the key towards finding a solution for AD.

Recently, we established a new mouse model of AD that exhibits accelerated loss of nerve cells due to the built up of clumps of both Aβ and tau. This new mouse model will be valuable for further studying the basis of AD and for screening of drugs that can provide effective therapies for AD. Using this mouse model, we showed that Aβ plaques (outside of nerve cells) facilitate the aggregation of the tau (inside of nerve cells). However, our results indicate that Aβ plaque alone is not sufficient for the built up of tau aggregates. A second risk factor (such as, expression of a fragment of human tau protein) is required to drive the built-up of tau aggregates. Thus, we envision that a combination of risk factors facilitates built-up of tau to drive loss of nerve cells in AD, an idea that can be tested directly in our novel mouse model.

We consider age and inflammation as potential risk factors that drive the built-up of tau aggregates. Among the known risk factors of AD, age is the greatest risk factor and a fundamental driver for development of the disease. AD is also characterized by an inflammatory response. Therefore, we hypothesize that age and inflammatory response facilitate the built-up of tau aggregates to drive nerve cell loss and cognitive decline in AD. We will test this hypothesis using our new mouse model. Resolution of these questions will impact our view regarding disease mechanisms and identification of targets for novel therapeutic strategies for AD.

The Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust Fund (CART) is a project of the Rotary Clubs of North America. Founded in 1995 in Sumter SC, CART provides financial support for Alzheimer’s research projects that are yet to be supported by extensive preliminary data but have the potential to substantially advance biomedical research. Learn more at

Monday, June 19, 2017: Rep. Nathan Ballentine, SC House-Legislative Update

UnknownJoin us on Monday, June, 19, 2017 when we welcome Rep. Nathan Ballentine to our podium.  Rep. Ballentine is a fellow Rotarian and he will be giving us a Legislative Update from the SC Statehouse!

Representative Ballentine was elected to the SC House of Representatives in 2004 and represents House District 71.  During his time in office, he has been recognized as a reformer and a Tax Payer hero.  He also has consistently withstood political pressure to keep his focus on People, Not Politics.

With a focus on reforming state government he has also helped expand insurance coverage to autistic children in our state as well as put a focus on our aging population.

Having served on almost every committee in the House, Nathan currently serves on the House Ways and Means committee – which drafts our state’s budget.

Nathan  and his wife, Karen,  have 3 kids – Sarah Buck, JC, and Emma.

Monday, June 5, 2017: Beth Martin, SC Association of Independent Home Schools

Beth Martin Headshot

Please join us on Monday, June 5th when we welcome Beth Martin with the SC Association of Independent Home Schools as our speaker.  Ms. Martin is the High School Director for the oldest legal homeschool accountability organization in South Carolina.  At the South Carolina Association of Independent Homeschools (SCAIHS), Beth assists parents in making homeschool dreams into a reality.  Drawing from her four years teaching middle school math in a public school and more importantly from her seventeen years homeschooling her own three children, Beth walks alongside homeschool parents and students to select the most appropriate curriculum, maintain records and transcripts, and prepare students for college and career.

Monday, April 10th, Andy Smith from The Nickelodeon

Join us on Monday, when Andy Smith from The Nickelodeon addresses our club. Andy spent most of his childhood wandering around the South before attending Swarthmore College at the end of the last millenium. After receiving his Masters Degree from UCLA in Film, Television and Digital Media, he finally returned home to Columbia.

In 2007, he joined the staff of the Nickelodeon and founded the Indie Grits Film Festival. In a desperate search for a hobby, Andy spends much
of his time eating foods he denied himself during his 15 years of veganism and failing as a backyard gardener. If he could, Andy would love to remake Dog Day Afternoon using the cast of The Kids in the Hall. He currently serves on the board of the Art House Convergence and the South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center.